by al bunker (someone older who remembers privacy) rep veteran (WWII)

wait, then what do I actually do?

Have a meaningful dialog (fingers-crossed) about your organization. For more information, read about our purpose. This FAQ is about keeping your identity under wraps.

ok then, what is this pri-va-cy?

Well, it’s a word that most people have forgotten about in order to see pictures of their ex. (He did get fat, you knew he would.) However, it’s a word that’s more important now than ever. It’s not only Wikipedia important, it’s even Bill of Rights important.

It means no one has a right to know anything about you or your affairs—at least as far as this site is concerned.

The actual definition of privacy is:

  1. The state of being private; retirement or seclusion.
  2. The state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one's private life or affairs: the right to privacy.
  3. Secrecy.

no sh*t! then why did we give it up?

Your ex, he got fat…

touché. ok, so how do you keep what i do here private?

For starters, we don't ask you anything personal. Take comfort in just being a number for once.

But we go much further than that. Most community systems keep a record or breadcrumb trail of everything you do. Your account is stamped on every post, login, or search. This is usually not done with malice, but rather to provide a good user experience. You like to edit your own posts, right?

What we've done is put privacy first. We do not stamp posts or votes with the creator's account. What you create is kept completely separate from you, acct# 15845142018.

neato, but does that mean I can't edit anything?

Actually, you can. We take the data that links your account to your posts and separate it into a single file. This file is heavily encrypted and only accessible with your password (which we do not store). You also have the option to erase your encrypted data at any time, even automatically on logout if you wish.

If you delete the encrypted data, you will not be able to edit past posts, and you can only vote on new ones. Keep in mind, if you do post or vote again, we create the encrypted file again. Just like your freedom of speech, how you choose to work with your encrypted data is your right.

wow, cool. what else do you do to protect me?

It is cool! We think it's a good balance of usability and privacy. Most importantly you are in control, not us, and not the bookface people.

If you decide to create an account, you also get the benefit of SSL/HTTPS encrypted communication between you and our servers. We also remove banner ads. (Yes, just by signing up you don't have to look at ads!)

what should I do to protect myself?

do you require an email address?

To create an account you need three things: an email address, a password, and an organization you wish to join. If you use a work email address you will automatically be verified in that organization.

Please know we take a total privacy approach to your email address. After we send the confirmation email, we do not have access to your email address - it is encrypted with your password. Only if you opt-in to following a community or thread will we have access to it again.

Because emails are sometimes archived our messages to you will only show you are following something (again, if you opt-in). Not that you have an account, and not that you posted something.

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