by Moonbeam rep high on life

what is this? an anonymous employee forum?

Basically yes, Office Leaks provides an anonymous forum for employee-to-employee conversation about their organization. Anyone is free to join a community, but verified employees get special benefits and features.

what goes on here?

That's up to you—whoever you are (don't tell us). Topics range from constructive debate to petty office gossip. We don't judge™*. Each organization goes in its own direction, and for the most part this site is self-moderating. It's kinda like merging in traffic, so try not to be the a**hole.

what if I already have an employee forum or blog?

We solve two problems that standard community products do not. First, most forums or blog services are not built to protect your anonymity like Office Leaks. They usually stamp your name on every post you write, we of course do not.

Secondly, it's not always clear who is running the community. It may very well be run by an employee, or it could be setup by the organization itself. Office Leaks is here to be that impartial third party.

How are you different from other "leak" websites?

Most of those websites, like WikiLeaks, deal with facts and sources. Office Leaks is focused on the subjective part of work life—emotion, culture and leadership. As these topics rarely have simple right or wrong answers, we do not claim the information posted to be true or false. We are simply a conduit for people to share information and make their own decisions.

are there rules?

Yes, but not many. Here they are in the common tongue.

Click here to read the official legal version of the rules, which we can assure you is much longer.

is it really anonymous?

Our system has been designed from the ground up to separate posted content from the author. Also, your account information is encrypted with your password cannot be reset. In fact, if you forget it, you will need to create a new account.

Please read the privacy section to learn how we protect you and tips to keep your identity even safer.

*No, we haven't trademarked that, and we may judge you. See the rules section.