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by anonymous (rep 0) 5 years ago - 863 views
speak up (whistleblow) procedures at rentokil are you guys aware that in 2011 two official whistleblow (speak up) procedures within rentokil initial are spirited away by current senior group management in gatwick? One was in europe where a senior manager hired direct family as a supplier. Anothe
by anonymous (rep 0) 6 years ago - 1115 views
management can't manage properly! Hi! I work in the APAC region and am wondering if RI is really going to be in business for the long run. Our management talks craps and never really delivers results that matters. Results are almost always tweaked to look good which then gets re
by anonymous (rep 0) 6 years ago - 3106 views
rentokil initial : great company ruined by uk senior management ! Ever since latest change in regional leaders, there has been too much interference from them. They know nothing about the business and seem more interested in lecturing local managers on how to run the business the 'unilever way'. We really need t
by anonymous (rep 0) 6 years ago - 1868 views

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